Today’s world is an era of technology where it is very hard to imagine people operating without computers. Nowadays, most of our work cannot be done without having assistance with laptops. Like other professions, lawyers also want to do their work conveniently and rapidly. Their work requires to store some data files for which they need something faster and portable like a laptop. Hence, laptops for lawyers have eventually become a need for their work to be done.

For lawyers, laptops can be utilized to keep track of the data files like client’s details and information, for keeping a record of the cases, for research, online discussions with clients and many other purposes. 

If you are a lawyer by profession then you just require a portable device that ought to work fast with a huge storage capacity. If you are searching for the best laptops for lawyers you should keep in mind the following specifications that it must possess.


Laptops allow portable work making it easier and convenient. You should consider weight while purchasing a laptop. Make sure that the laptop you are looking forward to buying can be carried easily and is not heavier for you to move around. Do not purchase a laptop which is difficult for you to carry. Likewise, ensure that you choose something smart and thin so you can carry around conveniently.

Performance/ Processor

Performance is the most important component that you should keep in mind while selecting the best laptop for lawyers.

The processor you buy should be at least an 8th generation i5 or i7. The processor is a feature that is responsible for the functioning of the system. It runs a system and is known as the heart of the computer. Its main function is to receive the input, process it, provide the desired output and store the data.

All the processors specified in this article are for sure the leading ones that will help you to select which one to buy and will allow you to have a great working experience. Now, it entirely depends on you which one of the processors you want to go on with however, I suggest you to go with Intel i7.

Operating System

If you are searching for best laptop for lawyers then keep in mind the operating system that you are going to opt for as it an important feature of the computer and cannot be ignored. Primarily, choose a use-friendly and convenient environment for yourself. Select the operating system according to your needs and convenience or else you will have to face a lot of trouble.

According to me, Windows 10 and Chrome operating systems are the easiest to use in your daily routine as compared to macOS. However, for some people macOS might be easier to use as compared to Windows. Hence, it totally depends on you which one you find easier to use.

Other than that, chrome operating system only enables access to the applications that are verified by the Google store. If not verified then it will not permit you to install any other application on your system therefore, choose the operating system that supports the applications you want to use in daily routine.


Buy a laptop that is affordable. Although, you might be able to buy something expensive still seek for something less expensive as the technologies are advancing on daily basis and you might want to purchase a laptop with new features and specifications. Therefore, spending a huge amount of money in something you can have in less amount does not seem to be prudent. 


If you are a professional lawyer then buy a laptop which has a huge storage capacity so, you do not have to deal with low storage problems. Having great storage capacity will enable you to store anything you want to without having to worry about the capacity.

Moreover, It is highly advised that always purchase laptops that have SSD Drive storage as they execute way quicker than ordinary drives and therefore, tremendously helps you with your daily tasks.

Battery time

As a professional, there are already too many problems to deal with. Thus, no one has the time to deal with the problems of a draining battery. Therefore, all the laptops mentioned in this article have a long lasting battery enabling you to keep laptops without carrying charger all the time. Hence, making it easier for you to select the laptop with long lasting battery.


Another essential component is RAM. It is an essential part of the computer. Make sure that the laptop you are going to purchase has RAM at least 16 GB. You can also go with 8 GB RAM, but greater RAM means greater durability. RAM is what affects the performance of the computer as it controls and runs the apps running on the computer. Therefore, if the RAM you buy is less it will eventually make your computer to function slowly as all the apps need to consume it.

Display of laptop

While searching for a laptop make sure that the laptop you want to purchase does not have a small screen. Small screens are unattractive and surely something you would not go for. Go for a laptop with thin edges and a minimum display screen of 13 inches; so that you get a clear visuals as well as great clarity. Although, this is totally a personal decision but go for a laptop with a widescreen HD screen.

1) DELL XPS 9570

Any review related to the field of computers just cannot get completed without acknowledgment of a product from the brand Dell. Although Dell has been introduced in the market several years ago still, it has maintained its repute and is known for its highly capable processors.

This model of Dell laptops is already a favorite of many of the people I know. It is a light, sleek and thin style of the laptop which makes it very much appealing. Moreover, it is absolutely lightweight so you can move around easily and conveniently.

  • Processor

Dell XPS 9570 is an attractively designed model powered with 8th Generation Core i7-8750H Hexacore Processor (6 Cores – 12 Threads) with speed 2.2 GHz Turbo Boost 4.1. which makes the overall performance of the laptop faster with short loading time.

  • Storage

If we compare this model with its former generations, this model has an advanced CPU. It has an installed RAM 32 GB DDR4 with type (2x16GB) DDR4-2666MHz. Moreover, its storage has a capacity of 1 Terabyte SSD which is an exquisite hardware component you need in an efficient laptop.

  • Operating System

Windows 10 Home 64-bit is the operating system for the XPS 15 9570.

  • Display

Being a lawyer you surely need to do a lot of research and reading here, this model of Dell provides you with the conspicuous visuals. Moreover, it provides joviality to the spectaculars with 15.6-inch FHD 1920 x 1080 display along with IPS RGB 400-nits panel with extraordinary performance. It has excellent displaying angles and no blurry display.

  • Weight

The weight of this model is 4.5 lbs (2kg) and can be carried around easily.

  • Battery timings

It has fixed some battery issues which were faced by the people in the previous model 9560. It has an excessive battery life up to 7 to 8 hours of browsing and surfing time. Mostly, other laptops with the similar hardware cannot work this way. The extended battery can be increased if you want to have extra capacity. 

2) Lenovo Thinkpad Extreme X1

  • Processor

The processing unit on this laptop is from the Intel family. The model is equipped with 8th generation Intel Core i7 with vPro which increases its overall performance.

  • Storage

Talking about the RAM, Lenovo Thinkpad Extreme X1 offers up to 64 GB DDR4 RAM. 

The storage of this device (ROM) is highly appreciated as it makes it faster and convenient. Its has two options for storage.

  • 2 SSDs
  • 2280 PCle TCL and SATA RAID up to 2TB. 
  • Operating system

It has windows 10 type of operating system. The greatest part of this operating system is that it is compatible with numerous other softwares available.

  • Display

The laptop screen is 15.6 inches (3840 x 2160) full HD Display along with Dolby vision. Moreover, FHD with an IPS panel (1920 x 1080) which comes as an addition.

  • Weight

This model weight starts with:

  • non-touch: 3.76 lbs / 1.7 kg
  • Touchscreen: 4.06 lbs / 1.8 kg

The laptop is compact and is not too much heavy to carry and move around. 

  • Battery timings

It has a durable battery timing of 15 hours. So you will not have to worry about the drainage of the battery

  • Ports
  • 2 x USB 3.1 
  • Thunderbolt 3 USB ports
  • 4-in-1 SD card reader
  • HDMI 2.0 port
  • Combo audio / mic
  • Security
  • Fast Online Identity (FIDO) authentication
  • dTPM 2.0
  • Match-on-Chip touch fingerprint reader
  • Facial recognition software
  • ThinkShutter
  • Smart card reader

3) Apple MacBook Pro Z0UU1LL/A Laptop 

  • Processor

The Apple MacBook Air is equipped with the Intel processing unit. The model is powered with core i7, and the capacity of processing increased up to 2.2GHz boosting the performance and making multi-tasking easier. Plus, it has a dual core processor.

  • Storage

The RAM storage capacity of this laptop is 8GB LPDDR3. LPDDR3 is an advanced technology used for boosting speed processing as compared to the previous version.

SSD is one of the most essential feature used in the latest versions of laptops. This model has SSD based storage with capacity of 512 GB. This type of storage is particularly designed to increase the performance and to function faster than the hard disk drives. Moreover, it consumes less battery.

  • Operating System

The MacBook Air comes with the Mac OS High Sierra operating system. It enables you to connect with the icloud and other Apple devices. Moreover, it enables you to connect with the applications that the other operating systems does not have access to.

  • Display

The model has 13 inches screen. The screen in this MacBook Air has a retina display. The retina is the brand name introduced for apple screens.

  • Weight

Its weight is 2.96 pounds/1.34 kg which is very light and easy to carry around.

  • Battery timings

The battery of this model is long lasting for up to 12 hours

4) ASUS VivoBook F510UA

If you are on a low budget and searching for something efficient with good storage ASUS VivoBook F510UA is the best deal for you.

  • Processor

It is equipped with the 8th generation Intel Core i5 8250U 1.6GHz (Turbo up to 3.4GHz) processor which makes it powerful and enhance it performance.

  • Storage

The storage of this model is 8GB DDR4 RAM. This is a good RAM for an inexpensive laptop like this one. The ROM of this laptop is 1TB HDD.

The vast storage and advanced CPU gives a seamless experience with no difficulties and smooth functioning.

  • Operating System

It has windows 10 operating system which makes it compatible with other softwares.

  • Display

The screen is 15.6 inches with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and full HD display. Intel UHD Graphics 620 is the GPU used in this laptop.

  • Weight

The laptop is just 3.7 lbs/ 1.6 kg, making it ultra-light and very compact.

  • Battery timings

The battery timing is very satisfactory. The laptop can last for 10 hours as well. So, you can carry out your everyday tasks without any trouble.

We have explained four kinds of laptops that lie in the category of best laptops for lawyers. They vary from each other in terms of processors, weight, speed, battery time, display, storage, and operating systems. Customers can decide which one will work best for them according to the specifications and details mentioned above. 

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