In 21 century laptop has become a big need for students. One cannot study properly without a laptop. There are many other things to study like mobile phones, desktop, tablets, etc. but the laptop is a convenient portable device a student can carry.

Every student requires a laptop for assignment work and presentations, but being a medical student, you have more research-based work, so you need to research properly before buying a laptop.

We will be discussing the best laptops for medical students in this article, which will be beneficial for you to decide and buy the best of all.

Aspects we need to consider while buying best laptops for a medical student

The first thing you will see while buying a laptop is the size of a laptop. It should be easy for you to carry in classrooms, laboratories, etc. because if the size of the laptop is not according to your choice it will create a problem for you. You can take the weight of a laptop as an advantage.

Another aspect is browsing on the laptop. Being a medical student you have to do a lot of research-based work and for that, you need a laptop that will handle the load. For this problem, you have to check the processing unit of the laptop.

Moreover, another aspect is display resolution. Being a medical student you need to watch different videos so the laptop should be of high resolution.  Also, you need to check the battery and space of a laptop.

We’ve done an analysis on best laptops for medical students which will help you get an idea before buying a laptop

1) Apple MacBook Air laptop

Firstly this laptop offers you the screen with high resolution and its 48% better than the previous versions. Apple screens have a special name for their displays i.e. retina display. The resolution of this screen is near to 2560 X 1600 and it will give you more colors and different angles

Secondly, this MacBook has SSD based storage. As compared to the hard drives SSD works faster and this storage is extensively used in the latest laptops.

Moreover, the battery of this laptop can last up to 10-12 hours, so you can do more and more research on it without the headache of charging it again and again.

In addition to this secured fingerprint scanner is also there. You can unlock your laptop just by your fingerprint and you don’t need to worry about the passwords and secondly, you can lock the specified folders too.

Everything that has advantages also has some limitations, so the cons of this laptop this is that it is extremely expensive and supports mac based applications only. But in most cases, the tuition fees can cover the expenses and most applications are available for students, therefore, we consider this laptop as one of the best laptops for medical students.

2) Asus Vivo book S510U

Firstly this laptop has a display of 15.6 inches and it is a nano edge. Its screen is a full high definition, which means it will give you a display more vibrant in colors and its resolutions are 1920 X 1080.

Coming towards the storage it has a hybrid drive to store data. Moreover, it also has SSD and also uses a hard disk device. The capacity of this laptop is almost 256 GB which is beneficial for medical students.

The processor used in this laptop is from Intel’s latest family i7. The model is i7-8565U, and the boost frequency of this processor is from 1.8GHz to 4.6GHz.

Also, the operating system of this laptop is based on Microsoft Windows 10. The bit rate is 64. You can access the Microsoft store to download and install some applications.

The fingerprint scanner on this laptop is an extra feature. This scanner keeps your laptop secured and protected. You can log in to your computer through a fingerprint, and there is no need to put passwords.

In addition to this, there is the latest technology named as Ergonomic used in keyboards and mouse to avoid the physical pain relief and makes you able to use it for long hours. This keyboard is also backlit and benefits you to type in low lights.

The only limitation of this laptop is that it has no touch screen. Otherwise, it works perfectly For medical students, we highly recommend it as it has smooth and fluent performance and multitasking.

3) HP ELITE X2 1012 G1

This laptop has a touch screen display and its 12 inches in size. And also HP uses corning gorilla glass. The gorilla glass is used to resist external damages and scratches on the screen.

The processing unit in this laptop is from the Intel Core M family. The model is Intel core m5-6y54. This processor operates from 1.1 GHz to 2.7GHz. This series launched in 2015. Also, this processor can work better in graphics performance. It shows you more visuals, through which you get the real feel in watching movies or other graphical interfaces.

The ram capacity in this laptop is 8 GB, and this is from DDR3.

The operating system in this laptop based on Microsoft window 10 professional. It works through a 64-bit system.

The webcams are dual-module based. It means that there are two cameras in this laptop the front and rear. The front camera is 2MP, and the rear camera is 5 MP. You can use both cameras in this laptop for video calling, for video recording, etc. for medical students it is beneficial because many of you will discuss with research studies with your friend’s teachers and supervisors.

The battery of this laptop has a long life span and leads your use up to 10.25 hours. So you can work on this laptop for a long day. This is the best option and extends the laptop to be more portable. HP Elite X2 is a 2 in 1 Convertible laptop. You can use this as a laptop and also in the tablet mode. You can also detach the keyboard from this laptop

The only disadvantage of this laptop is that it’s expensive but if one has the capacity, it can be considered as one of the best laptops for a medical student.


Firstly this laptop is equipped with13.5 inches touch screen. It covers an approximate 90% display to the body ratio.

It shows you a high-density pixel on contents to satisfy you. Also, it offers an amenity of touch screen so you can use your laptop without a keyboard or sensor pad. The storage space in this surface laptop is 1 TB of solid-state drives. The SSD has faster performance in booting your computer, as well as it has a more rapid data transfer rate. The extra feature in this hard drive is to reduce power consumption. The surface laptop is equipped with Intel Core i7, and it has the boost performance up to 4GHz. The Intel latest generation being used in this laptop to faster in performance and saves battery power because of its efficiency

16 GB capacity in this laptop is more than enough with the Intel i7 processor combination. It can do multi-tasking fluently and calculates your processing data at high speed. The operating system in this laptop is Microsoft window 10 S. S here stands for speed, it makes this window different by performance and security.

It keeps you more secure when you are working online and more efficient as compare to the previous version. On the comparison, it can operate different programs with better Furthermore, it is optimized perfectly for every user and program. The battery power consumption on this laptop is very immense. You can watch videos up to 14.5 hours on a single charge. It is the best portable surface laptop for medical students. You can take it everywhere easily and it will last until you complete your work


This one has the world’s first full view display on this laptop. It covers a 91% body ratio of the laptop. The size of this screen is 13.9 inches, and the resolutions are 3k (3000 X 2000). It also gives you viewing. The processor in this laptop is from the Intel family, and the latest generation used. This is Intel Core i7-8550U. This is from the latest 8th generation. angles up to 178 degrees. The storage in this laptop is SSD based, and the capacity is 512 GB.

The ram in this laptop has 16 GB capacity. Its battery time is really good. It is a smart and slim portable laptop and it also has a fingerprint scanner. The only con of this laptop is that it is really expensive.


This research took a detailed analysis and time to finalize the Best Laptop for Medical Students. Because there are so many different issues we face while buying a laptop. We have differentiated laptops on the basis of their prices and features. The above-listed laptops are mainly of two types. One is the High-end Laptop, and the other one is the Medium range laptops. The high-end notebook is from the latest generation and highest configurations.

Their prices are also high, and these products are expensive. On the other hand, there is a medium range of laptops. That is not the latest generation but the best of his time. As the new technology comes into the market, it replaces the old one. So these are also the best kind of laptops to fulfill your needs but has no highest configurations. Now, it is your choice to decide which type of laptop you need, and how much is your pocket power. If you can afford it, then the high end is the best option for you to buy. And if you don’t have too much money to spend on, then go for the medium-range laptops. If you buy a medium-range laptop, it will also be satisfactory and won’t get you in trouble.

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